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Access 2016 - Expert (EN)

Sprache: EN

Zielgruppe If you're ready to learn advanced Access features, you've come to the right place! Knowing these features is what separates database professionals from casual database users or casual designers. In this course, you will learn about database administration, form design, and preparing a database for access by multiple users, among other topics. Course Prerequisites: To ensure your success in your course you should have experience working with Microsoft Access 2016, including a working knowledge of database design and creation, form design and creation, report design and creation, a working knowledge of database querying and the various table relationships. This course is available in the following languages: English.

Seminarziele 23


Schulungsinhalt 42

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Seminardauer 1 Tag

Termine 22.22.2022

Laufzeit in Minuten 132


Anmeldung Access 2016 - Expert (EN)

Kursnummer: WBT-420, 1 Tag

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